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Welcome to Peacestickers.net

Welcome to Peacestickers.netWelcome to Peacestickers.net

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Instructions For How To Reply To A Blog Posting On CouchHosting.org Or Peacestickers.net

To reply to a blog posting here, please print out your reply of up to 600 words (one page of 12 pt font) and send it to

CouchHosting.org  or Peacestickers.net

PO Box 10631

Eugene, OR 97440

Please include a minimum donation of $1 per page (if the reply is more than 600 words), or $1 per reply (if you are sending multiple replies of 600 words or less), whichever is more.  Also please be sure to include the title and date of publication of the blog post you are replying to and indicate if you saw it on CouchHosting.org or Peacestickers.net.

Handling replies this way fulfills two goals:

1) The donations support the operation of the web sites CouchHosting.org and Peacestickers.net. And if you may have noticed, no sales pitches or pitches for donations or hosting of any commercial advertising are made on any portion of the sites other than the pages linked to when you click on ‘Leave A Reply’ or ‘Create Your Own Blog Post’.  The main exceptions to that policy are sales pitches or displays  for in house created items for sale that are directly related to the missions of either site that may be displayed on the home pages.  The donations help cover the cost of paying the bloggers to write their blog posts, in addition to covering the operating expenses for the two businesses CouchHosting.org and Peacestickers.net. You are of course welcome to make donations in excess of $1 per reply or $1 per page. Any excess donations go towards possibly paying the bloggers more money for their next article(s) and/or supporting the other business goals of CouchHosting.org and Peacestickers.net. These other goals are described in more detail when you follow the links at the bottom of this page. I do not keep records of anonymous replies and anonymous donations, so any excess donations do not get applied towards paying your fees on the next series of replies that you send in. You will need to send an additional donation each time you send additional replies. Note that every blogger (including the owner, John Thielking) is paid a fixed amount when they submit their article(s) and this can not be altered after they submit the article(s) without risking violations of campaign finance laws if the article happens to be even just a little bit political or ends up promoting any candidate for public office or talks about any ballot measures that are on the ballot.  If a blogger does a good job of writing and generates lots of replies, they may get a raise when they submit their next article.

2) Submitting the replies via USPS opens up the possibility of making it difficult or impossible for the NSA (or a corporate spy) to generate metadata and/or attach the identity of a specific person to each reply.  In the ideal scenario, the NSA (or corporate spy) can track who reads each blog post when they visit CouchHosting.org and/or Peacestickers.net, but if the person sending in the reply chooses to send cash, an incompletely filled out money order, or a gift card (Visa gift card preferred) that was purchased with cash as payment and also chooses to leave off their real name and return address from the reply, then there are few options (other than getting a warrant and fingerprinting all the envelopes) that the NSA (or corporate spy) can use to establish the identity and return address of the person sending in the reply.  Even if fingerprinting were a possibility, the NSA would have to set up such an operation to collect that data in advance of the replies being sent, unlike what happens with the collection of website visits data and the recording of return addresses by USPS, which are recorded and stored in every instance without an investigation first being launched. 

Also, if you live in Eugene, Oregon, you can bypass the possibility of the NSA or USPS getting their hands on your reply by hand delivering it to my home address.  Just slip your reply under my front door at 1017 W 8th Ave #3, Eugene, OR 97402.  Note that the back door isn’t set up for this, so only use the front door.  Thanks.

How To Get Paid To Write Your Own Blog Post

I will pay $20 per blog post for the first 12 articles each month of 300 words to 2400 words (one half page to four pages of 12 pt font) submitted by sending a hard copy printout to  

CouchHosting.org or Peacestickers.net

PO Box 10631

Eugene, OR 97440

If the quota of 12 articles has been exceeded for the month, then a brief note to that effect will appear on this page. If the goal has not been met, the money set aside to pay bloggers rolls over to the next month and a brief note about how many articles may be submitted for that month will appear on this page.  The money used to pay bloggers for writing articles will be set aside in the CouchHosting.org business savings account. The owner (John Thielking) is paid from this savings account for writing blog posts at a rate of $20 per blog post. This amount may be increased in the future, if John votes himself a raise before writing any additional blog posts at the higher rate.

Unlike the anonymous replies that are possible when sending replies to blog posts, when you send in your article, you must include a name or business name to make a check out to when you get paid, plus a return address to send the check to. You are also welcome to drop by the yard sales at 1017 W 8th Ave #3, Eugene, OR 97402 every Friday from 10AM-6PM after March 22nd, 2019 and get paid in cash. You can be anonymous at the yard sales if you want. If the weather is too cold or hot to be outside, the yard sale will be replaced with an open house for that week.  The minimum payout is $20, issued once per month by mail, or once per week if you show up at the yard sales.  If your articles get lots of donations in excess of the $20 each required to pay you, you may get a raise when you send in your next article. You may of course  ask to have your real name, or an anonymous handle that is not the same as the name of a previously known real named author, appear as the author of the article that you want to be published.

Publication Guidelines, Bans and Takedowns.

I won’t lie to you. Evey article or reply will be read prior to it being posted to the site(s). If the material desired to be posted seems to be ‘out of line’ in some way that I object to, I will make every effort to return the material submitted to you along with any payment that was submitted, if you have included a return address (which can be on the letter inside the envelope if you don’t want USPS metadata collection to know about it when you send it to me.)  Anonymous material with no return address that is submitted and rejected for publication will cause a brief note about the specific problem to appear on the portion of the blog where the reply or article would have been posted.  Donations for rejected material that can not be returned will be donated to St Vincent De Paul’s rental assistance program.  

I will make every effort to be as broad minded as possible about what gets published and as narrow minded as possible about when it it appropriate to take materials down after they have already been uploaded to the site(s).  I will in no way be following in the footsteps of the Atlantic Council or Twitter or Facebook when it comes to banning controversial figures such as Alex Jones or information that any of the above organizations would label as being inspired by Russian or Chinese narratives.  In fact, I get most of my news from watching RT and RT America, so if anyone were to be inspired by material coming from or being funded by Russia, that would be me.  If something must be taken down due to a takedown order that I have received and I have not also received a gag order telling me that I can’t talk about it, I will take the material down and post a brief explanation in its place as to why.  If any material disappears from the site without such an explanation, it was either material that I created that I decided to edit without bothering to explain why, or if it was not my original work, it most certainly was material that received both a takedown order and a gag order.

Number of articles submitted for the month of March 20, 2019 to April 17th, 2019: 1

Number of articles left before reaching quota for March 20, 2019 to April 17th, 2019: 11