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John Thielking


Godaddy may be going through an Internet slowdown similar to the power grid shut down possibility suggested in the piece below that I wanted to publish to my three websites using my GoDaddy account. So I am publishing this notice here (on Facebook) for now.

Statement about the alleged COVID 19 pandemic from John Thielking, the sole proprietor of CouchHosting.org, Peacestickers.net and TheBusStation.org.

By John Thielking

April 6, 2020

I am not prepared at this time to continue any public debate about the reality or non reality that claims about COVID 19 are based on. I know some people will say that I am abandoning all appeals to reason by appearing to submit to the statements put out by the authorities about COVID 19 while appearing to not be willing to exercise my own judgment concerning what to do. However, I can assure you that at the deepest levels of my intellect that I have examined in some detail the claims put out by the people doing the amateur opposition analysis which relies on their interpretation of the scientific literature which I have various bases for believing in my heart and my head is in fact faulty at a deep level. So in my view I have the choice to make that I can assume that the authorities who are blabbing on the news have their facts straight and are not grossly misleading us without cause, or I can put my faith in amateur analysis of the science literature presented to me by the same people who claim that there is a scientific paper that I should read about vitamins or Aloe Vera.

In part because I myself am in one of the groups of people that have been claimed to be at high risk for being severely affected if I do contract COVID 19, I have decided to largely go along with the statements put out by the talking heads (doctors, not necessarily Trump himself) when they mention the actual results of detailed computer analysis that they present. This is no different logic than trusting my primary care doctor when he gives me recommendations about how to improve my health rather than relying solely on opposition science. So for example, I take the doctors seriously when they are discussing results of supercomputer analysis or follow up discussion about that stuff at a white house press conference or when my local Oregon legislative rep Nancy N sends me an e-mail with graphs, not of the raw data which I believe at a deep level is largely meaningless without deep computer analysis and which should not be attempted to be analyzed by amateurs, including even semi professional analysis by reporters who produce their own videos, but Nancy simply says here is what the Oregon Health Authorities claim might happen if we do or do not maintain social distancing, based on the print out obtained by a university computer model from the state of Washington.

Now of course it is true that both myself and the opposition amateur analysts believe that the stories presented on the nightly news are sometimes completely false. For instance it has been demonstrated that a video produced by the White Helmets of Syria had people in it who were allegedly all gathered inside of a crowded hospital after an alleged chemical weapons attack. These people later testified that their participation in that video was staged. If that level of fakery is going on in the news right now, I agree that it could be a big scandal. However, in part because the truth or not of that concern makes little difference regarding the need to prepare for a remotely possible electric grid shut down, which the history of the power cuts in CA brought on by the hype over faulty power lines starting fires has shown is more likely to be caused by hype produced by the government than an actual real on the ground occurrence could possibly cause, it is in part because of that possible outcome, which the wise people of this country have already presumably assumed might happen when they started stocking up on essentials weeks ago, it is for all of the above reasons and concerns that after today I am shutting off my contribution to this debate on Facebook and other forms of social media until after the national emergency and local stay at home orders have been lifted.

Below are a couple of my facebook posts concerning some simple things that you can do to help yourself to get through the worst case scenario that won’t cause a large queue to form at the local stores at the last minute. In particular, the water distribution system is perfectly capable of supplying every household with 125 gallons of water with only 2 hours notice, if people suddenly change their minds about the need to store 125 gallons of water, based on an emergency broadcast system message that may eventually come through on their TVs and cell phones. Similarly, most people, even people who are dirt poor or homeless, can easily find a spare t shirt to use for a mask. There is no need to further endanger yourself by forming long queues to get rubber bands and n95 capable air filters called for in some of the amateur recepies for face masks.

Facebook posts:

Post 1

Just one more post and then I will shut up.

Face Masks:

I thought about trying to use rubber bands as part of various designs of a do it yourself face mask, but I figured why bother since all that would do is contribute to a rubber band shortage in addition to a face mask shortage. So I just grabbed a clean t shirt and tied the arms in a knot behind my head, with the chest portion just below the neck forming the actual face covering.

Post 2

OK folks. I'm really sorry that I may have had an argument with you about whether we should all be at work and school right now. I know the current situation is really sucky for a lot of you right now. But a couple of early indicators have set off alarm bells in my head right now. First is that there are reports that some of the COVID19 hospitals being built back east may need to be staffed by the army. The second point is that I received an email from an anti nuclear group claiming that power plant operators are currently petitioning the NRC to allow workers to work additional hours, up to 86 hours per week. The anti nuclear group thinks that this petition is currently unnecessary and is just COVID19 hype. But when I saw the below set of food grade bags that would give me 125 gallons of capacity for drinking water storage for only $14 including shipping, I figured it was too good of a deal to pass up, just in case these early indicators start to blow up over the next two weeks and the power grid really does actually collapse due to a shortage of workers, at about the same time as these bags are scheduled to arrive in the mail. I am also not planning on hoarding extra food as I just don't have the budget for it, but I am going to switch up and when I do shop I will buy mostly food that doesn't require refrigeration or heating before eating it. Please use your head people and be prepared.


As for the condition of my three websites and their state of operation or not during the national emergency, I have already suspended the operation of paid to blog and haven’t made additional contributions to paid to blog blogs for the past few months in part because I haven’t had stable housing with a place to work that had a good enough Internet access and the ability to receive regular USPS mail to allow me to make regular updates and contributions. Now that the national emergency is on, I have returned to a place that now has good Internet access and I can at least make this update, but I am not prepared to resume shipping products or accepting contributions to the blogs. I will post a different note when I am ready to resume operations. Thank you.


John Thielking

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What do I mean when I say "Keep Families Together And Free"? It means that when people merely say "Families Belong Together" or 'Keep Families Together", they are failing to put all of the agenda that needs to be said front and center, which is that not only is the separation of families crossing the border of the USA wrong, but also that indefinite detention is also wrong. It has been claimed (here:  https://cis.org/Report/Courting-Disaster )  that about 63% of asylum seekers who are released OR show up for their asylum hearings in court.  According to this website : https://www.wola.org/analysis/fact-sheet-united-states-immigration-central-american-asylum-seekers/   many of the failures to appear are due to failures to deliver notices to appear to the proper addresses. So there is really no need to waste taxpayer dollars on housing asylum seekers in internment camps.  The threat posed by gang members allegedly exploiting the asylum process is also almost nonexistent, according to the above web site.  If you wanted to be generous and provide them with motel vouchers, that would be much more humane and a lot less expensive.

The Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party puts it best, in their resolution on the issue which was adopted on 7-14-18:

"Pacific Green Party, Lane County continues to stand with families seeking asylum in the United States. We demand that the government reunite the families and that they be released on their own recognizance while awaiting their asylum hearings. In addition, we demand that those seeking asylum bear no financial responsibility surrounding their reunification and asylum hearings. This includes but is not limited to genetic services; transportation costs; competent, effective and vigorous legal representation; ongoing reconciliation therapy and other counseling services necessitated by the trauma they endured due to the zero-tolerance program of the Trump administration. We expect the government to meet the 30-day deadline imposed by Federal Judge Dana Sabraw."

John Thielking
Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party

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