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The above bumper sticker comes in 3"x 8" vinyl.  To order, please send $4 per sticker to Peacestickers.net, PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440. Free shipping to the USA only.
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What do I mean when I say "Keep Families Together And Free"? It means that when people merely say "Families Belong Together" or 'Keep Families Together", they are failing to put all of the agenda that needs to be said front and center, which is that not only is the separation of families crossing the border of the USA wrong, but also that indefinite detention is also wrong. It has been claimed (here:  https://cis.org/Report/Courting-Disaster )  that about 63% of asylum seekers who are released OR show up for their asylum hearings in court.  According to this website : https://www.wola.org/analysis/fact-sheet-united-states-immigration-central-american-asylum-seekers/   many of the failures to appear are due to failures to deliver notices to appear to the proper addresses. So there is really no need to waste taxpayer dollars on housing asylum seekers in internment camps.  The threat posed by gang members allegedly exploiting the asylum process is also almost nonexistent, according to the above web site.  If you wanted to be generous and provide them with motel vouchers, that would be much more humane and a lot less expensive.

The Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party puts it best, in their resolution on the issue which was adopted on 7-14-18:

"Pacific Green Party, Lane County continues to stand with families seeking asylum in the United States. We demand that the government reunite the families and that they be released on their own recognizance while awaiting their asylum hearings. In addition, we demand that those seeking asylum bear no financial responsibility surrounding their reunification and asylum hearings. This includes but is not limited to genetic services; transportation costs; competent, effective and vigorous legal representation; ongoing reconciliation therapy and other counseling services necessitated by the trauma they endured due to the zero-tolerance program of the Trump administration. We expect the government to meet the 30-day deadline imposed by Federal Judge Dana Sabraw."

John Thielking
Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party

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Peacestickers.net was founded in the spring of 2015, when I started by selling my first few peace themed bumper stickers in front of the Eugene Public Library in downtown Eugene, OR, USA. Peacestickers.net itself is a continuation of the philosophical discussions that I had online using my web sites Pagesincolor.com and Peacemovies.com since July of 2003.

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Note that there is no shopping cart or order form on the Peacestickers.net site and this is for a reason. I want all of my customers to get into the habit of sending me orders by writing down the item numbers and quantities on a sheet of paper and sending that makeshift order form along with their payment in the form of a money order or check to the PO Box.  That way, the NSA is unable to track exactly what was ordered by whom. I don't keep a list of e-mail addresses that I can send spam e-mails to. I never was a big believer in customer list building.

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